If you are a busy marketing executive working in the city, you will surely agree that one of the most stressful things to deal with are the daily traffic jams. Working in the city has its benefits; better job opportunities but with this comes other challenges.

As Canada's largest city, Toronto presents a plethora of opportunities and possibilities to the home hunter, the job seeker, and to so many others. Many people prefer to live in Toronto because it gives them the vantage point of being close to the action. If you are a lawyer in Toronto you would truly appreciate the fact that you have are close to work and the courthouse. A doctor would be grateful to be close to the doors of Mount Sinai hospital when they are paged for emergencies. Employees for a pressure washing business like being right downtown for calls to clean graffiti tags that are a nightly occurrence in Toronto.

If you are moving to Toronto from a small city, then get ready to experience some major adjustments and if you have just moved here from a foreign land, be assured that you would not have any difficulty adapting to the ever changing Canadian climate.

Toronto is rich in culture, home styles, and major attractions. The city offers excellent international cuisine and in short; Toronto is a huge salad bowl of tastes and flavors. For those of you thinking of opening up a catering business, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you already have ready made clients! The city's residents are always hungering for ethnic foods.

Did you know that almost half of Toronto's residents were born out of country? Something that has enabled one of North America's largest cities to be known as one of the most multi cultural in the world. Toronto is home to several large international corporations but this does not mean that you could not own your own business and be successful. There is a lot of work for you to cash in on in the city.

Whether for business or for pleasure, vacation or for relocation, Toronto has much to offer. From sporting events to rich night life and from evenings at the symphony or ballet, this city has it all.

Toronto has hockey, basketball, and baseball teams in the respective professional leagues. The city's residents are extremely sports minded and they are also very faithful fans. On any given night, there is always something to cheer for in Toronto. Find top attractions in Toronto on Tripadvisor.ca.

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